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  • Saint Paul Educational Article of the Month - How to kill a bat

How to kill a bat

How to kill a bat

First of all you are only allowed to kill a Saint Paul bat in extreme circumstances, you have to remember that all bats are protected species, if you actually do kill one you better have a good reason. The other side of this coin is that bats generally will only get killed if they wind up inside your house, then householders or their pets may kill the animal out of fear. If you do have a Minnesota bat come in to your house, especially during daylight than the recommended procedure is to actually capture the bat and give it to government authorities for rabies testing. Bats really fly in daylight and generally have no trouble avoiding humans and pets so one that is flying around your house in daylight is automatically suspect healthwise.

The recommended method for catching a Saint Paul bat that is in your house is to calm the situation to let the bat land somewhere, once it is landed throw a towel or cloth over it and gently pick it up, wearing sturdy gloves of course, and put it in a cage. It is recommended that you actually take the animal to the nearest Minnesota animal control center and tell them what happened. The bat should make audible clicking noises when it is frightened, no clicking noises is another sign the back is sick.

If you decide to just let the bat go then the easiest way is to just open a window, moving the curtain aside so the bat has a clear exit path, bats can detect the airflow from the open window and will pick up on it pretty fast. Under no circumstances should you attempt to catch a Saint Paul bat when it is on the wing, flying in other words, because there's almost no chance you can do so without injuring the animal. One thing you should realise is that if you have a Minnesota bat actually come into your living area of the house then there is a colony roost very close, most likely your own attic.

This should be checked, recently some states has said that they are going to mandate that all Saint Paul bats that fly into a house must be brought for testing, it won't matter whether the bat is still alive or dead it has to be tested for rabies and at least one other disease, histoplasmosis, in some states.

Please do not try and kill Minnesota bats using poisons or glue traps as these are not only not effective, they might kill an individual or two but never a whole colony and are extremely cruel.

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