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  • Saint Paul Educational Article of the Month - Pigeon repellent

Pigeon repellent

Pigeon repellent

There are a number of ways of repelling Saint Paul pigeons but which ones you actually choose will depend on whether you are operating indoors or outdoors. For all areas on buildings where pigeons land or roost you can always use pigeon control spikes, even though expensive and time-consuming to install these are 100% effective and will be for many years to come.

If you have Saint Paul pigeons inside a building and want them out permanently you have two choices, the first is you drive all of the pigeons out of the building and then install Minnesota bird netting all across the ways they use to come back, of course the netting will prevent them from returning. The other way is to put the netting up anyway and then set about eradicating the birds are still inside the building. Bird netting is 100% effective when installed correctly and is also mostly invisible from a distance.

Pigeons are one creature that sonic repelling devices seem to have some effect on, they don't seem to know where they're going when one of these devices is present and turned on, so they probably interfere with the pigeons internal navigation systems though just how that works humans are still trying to figure out. These devices are generally only used outdoors, like in your local park to keep the pigeons off the statues and monuments. There is also talk that the ones used by professionals employed by municipal governments are much more powerful than the ones you can buy at your local Minnesota hardware store, the truth of this is unknown.

There is a small ultrasonic device which is commonly known as a balcony guard and is designed to keep birds away from a smaller area, this device is motion activated so when a Minnesota bird lands on a balcony rail or on your porch rail the device is activated and frightens the Saint Paul bird away. Because the device is not on all the time like the outdoor sonic devices there is no chance of the birds becoming used to the devices affect.

If you have to go shopping for a Saint Paul pigeon repellent then you can expect to be bombarded by a myriad of claims and counterclaims about the effectiveness of the many hundreds of devices being sold, a quick look on Google suggests there are up to 16 pages of pigeon control spikes models for sale and as far as I can tell the major differences seem to be the number of spikes per foot and the size of the spikes and of course the amount of money they want for them, so do your homework first.

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