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  • Saint Paul Educational Article of the Month - Snake trapping: how to trap a snake

Snake trapping: how to trap a snake

Snake trapping: how to trap a Minnesota snake

If you have a Saint Paul snake that is hanging around your house then trapping it and relocating it is an effective and humane way of solving your problem. There are various traps available on the market and they all work, what makes them work is what you use for bait. If you can you should identify the snake before you decide to do anything about it, if you identify the species and it is venomous then you are strongly advised to call your local animal control, they in most jurisdictions will come and remove the Minnesota snake for free, if it is not venomous, and you should make double sure of this, then animal control will give you some advice and that is all, what you actually do about snake is up to you but they will probably tell you to leave it alone unless it's a 30 foot Anaconda.

Everyone should know the only venomous Saint Paul snakes found in North America are all pit vipers, they can be identified quickly by their thick bodies and triangular heads, they have distinctive necks that are much smaller than the head, they also have vertical pupils in their eyes instead of round ones, any of those characteristics on the Minnesota snake in your yard then your best weapon against it is probably your telephone, but keep everyone away from it including the pets.

Even if the snake you got in your Saint Paul yard/house is nonvenomous you might decide you just don't like the thing being in your home, today one of the most sold traps by the hardware stores is snake glue traps but these traps have to be big enough to hold the snake which is why you need to identify the snake before you buy the trap. There are a couple types of glue traps available for snakes, one type allows you to release the Minnesota snake, the other type you just pick the whole up and throw the whole thing away, snake and all.

Another popular type of trap is called a minnow trap, if you have more than one Saint Paul snake to deal with then this might be your best option, minnow traps are cheap and effective, they are generally baited with eggs which is a favorite food of every species of snake. The trap works by having the bait in the middle, the Minnesota snake crawls into one end and tries to get to the bait, it cannot of course but it now finds it cannot find its way out of the trap either.

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